You're not drinking one year's vintage

You’re drinking 30 years of Forrest.

It is our pleasure to let you know that Inglewood Wine Merchants will from this point forward be representing our brands in the New South Wales and ACT region of Australia.


Steve Lovelock 0407 180 425

General Manager Sales and Marketing


Jacki Osborn 0407 180 423

Northern Suburbs


Samuel Lockyer 0407 180 511

Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, ACT


Samantha Maher 0407 180 980

Western & Southern Sydney, Blue Mtns


Debra Boxall 0407 180 113

Newcastle, Central Coast and Mid North Coast


If you require any further information please feel free to email

Yours sincerely


The Forrest Wines Family


Beth, John, Brigid, Sam and Reid


Reid, John, Beth, Sam and Brigid


John & Brigid

Renwick Cellar Door Inauguration


John and Brigid